A Message From Greg, Co-Founder of Wiseologie Media Group

Dear Authors and Supporters of Inside Personal Growth,

I am excited to announce that I have formed a new entity with a wonderful partner-Reese Harris. Our new company is called Wiseologie Media Group, and we are located in Carlsbad, CA.

Over the years of producing podcasts and meeting many of the authors, my deep connection allowed me to understand more thoroughly the challenges authors go through to conceptualize, write and publish a book.

My specialty is personal growth, mastery, wellness and spirituality genre of which I am deeply connected and extremely conscious of what our readers, viewers and listeners are in need of to transform their lives.

This awareness and my friendship with so many of you spawned the emergence of Wiseologie Media Group. Our mission as an organization is to help solve these challenges associated with you getting your message out to the world, and bring a beginners mind to create an amazing synergy with our authors. This allows us to be the guiding source for the wise author.

 Last year was spent working on a couple of enhanced books for Guy Finley-Being Extraordinary and Jonathan Ellerby’s- GodWorks, and successfully proved the process for developing enhanced books.   If you are interested I would be happy to send you a sample copy of these enhanced books, just send an email to greg@wiseologie.com and I will forward via You Send It.

If the entire concept of enhanced books and the digital world are confusing for you, and you would like to learn more about the emerging world of publishing please click here to be directed to our website to watch a short but informative video about enhanced books.

So if you are ready to engage us to help guide you through the maze and to better understand the twenty-first century of book publishing and marketing please feel free to email me at greg@wiseologie.com or call me at (760) 631-2631.

Our first hour together is absolutely free of charge!

About Wiseologie

New author, seasoned veteran, or content expert we can digitally spark life into your next project making an engaging and immersive experience for your readers.
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