The Amazon Kindle Fire vs. The New Barnes & Noble Nook – What consumers need to know

As the release of the new Barnes & Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle Fire near, consumers might be interested to know the advantages each product has over its competitor.

As far as Price is concerned, the Kindle Fire is listed at $199, below the Nook Tablet at $249. However, keep in mind that the Kindle Fire users will have to pay an annual charge of $79 to Amazon for the Prime subscriptions, making the actual price of the two devices closer than they appear.

If you are concerned about the size of the two devices, the Kindle Fire is a bit smaller than the Nook Tablet, but weighs more. Both devices have the same size screen, 7” diagonally. The Kindle Fire measures 7.5” by 4.7” and weighs 0.91 pounds. The Nook Tablet measures 8.1” by 5” and weighs 0.88 pounds.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble have the edge with millions of eBook titles available, while the Apple iBooks are at some 200,000 iBooks available. However, if you are comparing apps, the iPad has over 140,000 apps, which is about 10 times as many as Amazon has in its Android App Store and Barnes & Noble trailing behind with fewer than Amazon.

The Nook Tablet takes the gold for its Hardware Advantage. It comes with twice as much RAM and internal storage along with its micro SD slot.

Of course with a new device that is as hot on the market as the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, you are going to need technical support. Both devices offer a one year limited warranty, however with the Nook Tablet, owners can take their devices into Barnes & Noble stores for both service and support. Unfortunately at this time, Amazon does not have retail outlets to provide this same service.

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