Enhanced eBooks are the “New Thing”, but what device is best for viewing these creative books?

The Holidays are quickly approaching and what more perfect time than now for the Kindle Fire to be released at an amazing low price.  The Kindle Fire is the first touch screen Kindle and is available for only $199 going above and beyond its predecessors than simply displaying books.

One of the negative aspects of the Kindle Fire, which the Nook Color shares, is the small screen size, measuring at 7 inches diagonally.  This makes viewing magazines and such difficult and Amazon was forced to create a mode that shows just text.  The iPad definitely beats its competition there, but of course for a lot more money.

Amazon has done a good job of setting up its own store. Buying and downloading books and movies is a quick process — as long as you’re buying them from Amazon.  Unfortunately you can not buy copy-protected books from anyone but Amazon and expect to read them on the Fire, as you can with the iPad and even the Nook.

If the step up to $499 is too much, you might want to consider the Nook Tablet, which comes out Friday. At $249, it will be the same size as the Fire, but with twice the memory, plus a memory expansion slot. It won’t access all of Amazon’s goodies and apps, but it will have Netflix and Hulu. It might be beneficial to take a look at it before jumping to the Fire.

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