Public Libraries Embracing the Technology Transformation of eBooks

If you are interested in purchasing an e-reader, your public library is the place to go to check them out.  Some libraries are even loaning out the devices, while others are loaning out the actual eBooks and audio books that people can load onto their readers and tablets they already own.

People can also visit their libraries to receive hands on help to learn how to use the contraptions they maybe have bought or are thinking of getting.  Karen Jensen, director of the Hagaman Memorial Library in East Haven, said that library loans out Kindles and Nooks — two types of e-book readers.

Hagaman just acquired a new Kindle Fire, a combination e-book reader and tablet computer. Jensen said the library doesn’t plan to loan out that device at this time, but the library staff will soon offer instruction on how to use it.

It is also one of the libraries that subscribe to Overdrive, a service that provides e-books on loan for a two-week stretch to anyone with a reader. Jensen said patrons can even borrow an e-book over their own home Internet connection, as long as they enter the identification number on their library card.

Each library only gets one copy of the book, and after two weeks it de-activates itself and can no longer be read.  Fabian said one reason for their popularity is that hundreds, even thousands of e-books can be loaded on a reader device. For someone on vacation or one that travels often, carrying a reader is much more convenient than a stack of books.


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