WiseNotes – The New Enhanced Mini eBook

WiseNotes is an innovative and affordable way for you to bring market awareness to your latest book, or to bring new life into a back listed book.

The WiseNotes enhanced mini eBook is really a teaser, designed to provide your readers with a engaging experience of your book and begging for more. Between 6-8 pages in length it includes multimedia elements such as audio, video, images, and PDF’s along with the text, all designed to lure the reader into buying your book from any distributor your book is offered for sale.

A WiseNotes mini eBook will give your audience the chance to meet you personally and learn more about you and your book in order to get excited about it and other products and services you offer.

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About Wiseologie

New author, seasoned veteran, or content expert we can digitally spark life into your next project making an engaging and immersive experience for your readers.
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