eBooks Are In, Now Enhanced eBooks Are The New Craze!!

Print books have had a rapid decline in sales because of the amazing concept of eBooks, allowing readers to carry around a whole library in their purse or briefcase.

Furthermore, screens that used to be used solely for display have now become responsive and include an ever growing number of touch screens that allow the user to interact directly with what is visible on their screen.

This evolution must be kept up with as an author so one doesn’t become a dinosaur that no one will ever read.

These eBooks that allow readers to interact with the screen are also known as Enhanced eBooks.  They can include highlights such as hypertext links, soundtracks, art and animation and videos you can view the author telling about his or her book.

Although there are various methods and services that provide conversion of your eBook to an Enhanced eBook, finding a company that truly takes personal care to ensure your Enhanced eBook will turn out perfectly is key.  Wiseologie’s “craftsmanship” commitment yields first class results and a predictable, fun experience for the authors in this fast and ever changing e-publishing world.  We constantly have an eye for the details throughout the entire e-pub process for each and every book we publish never thoughtlessly slapping our eBooks together.

About Wiseologie

New author, seasoned veteran, or content expert we can digitally spark life into your next project making an engaging and immersive experience for your readers.
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