Attention All Authors – We Have The Answer To Marketing Your New Or Backlisted Book

Wiseologie has announced WiseNotes, our new marketing tool for authors.  WiseNotes is used as a marketing device used to create a community around your new book or existing book.  Authors can also use WiseNotes in order to create awareness about their book before it is even fully complete.  Providing a snippet of a chapter out of your book via WiseNotes is a helpful way to entice readers to purchase your full book once it is published.  It is also a great way to bring life back to a backlisted book.

WiseNotes are an inexpensive clip for readers to purchase via iTunes and provide a teaser to readers.  Check out our WiseNote for The Golden Motorcycle Gang, by Jack Canfield and Bill Gladstone.
WiseNotes - The Golden Motorcycle Gang - Jack Canfield & William Gladstone

About Wiseologie

New author, seasoned veteran, or content expert we can digitally spark life into your next project making an engaging and immersive experience for your readers.
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