Things To Keep In Mind As An Author

As an author looking to start their first non-fiction book project, there are many ideas to keep in mind.

For both the author and publisher, the time spent on publishing a book is a great deal.  Instead of thinking solely of the money that will be returned for the time invested in a book, think about the leverage it will give you to spread an idea or brand the world over.  Writing a book on a certain topic and having it published, conveys that the author is knowledgeable on a certain topic and confers a sort of authority.

Patience is a virtue.  Even though other media may have accelerated rapidly, books do still take a year or more from start to finish.  Knowing this, it is important to consider the shelf life of the idea you are writing about.

Promotion is most important.  If you do not promote your book or hire someone that will, no one will.  Think of publishing a book as a socially acceptable opportunity to promote yourself and your ideas to the world.  Utilizing various tools for promotion is ideal; such as WiseNotes which provides readers with an inexpensive snippet of your book.

Generating a buzz about the idea or topic of your book is the ideal situation to promoting your book and encouraging it to fly off the shelves.  Creating a following such as through a blog, TV show, email recipients and so forth will help create a fan base that will want to hear what you, as the author, have to say next.

About Wiseologie

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