Do you know what WiseNotes can do for you as an author?

WiseNotes is an affordable and innovative approach to marketing your next book, or any of your previous titles by bringing life to your backlisted books and re-purposing the content.

WiseNotes is a an ‘enhanced’ ebook between 6-8 pages in length and includes an audio interview with the author, a video interview with the author presenting highlights of the book, along with a unique highlighted summary of the book.

Inspired by the Amazon / Seth Godin Domino Project which reinvents how books are introduced to the marketplace, WiseNotes also answers a readers need for an immersive and affordable ebook, with a limited amount of time to spare.

Ultimately, the WiseNotes ebook is engineered to increase your regular book sales by giving the reader an inexpensive entree into the book, and you the author, along with a discount code to purchase the full book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Your readers get to meet you up close and personal through the enhanced audio interview and the video in your WiseNotes ebook, helping them to make a educated buying decision about the purchase of your book and or other products and services. In addition, your readers will have access to any other books, publications, websites, projects, webinars, etc., that you offer. It is a one-stop-shop for the reader to immerse themselves in your book, and you.

Your WiseNotes ebook sells for 99 cents and you will receive a royalty of 20% of the net proceeds. The price point is optimal according to new research on ebook pricing which helps to draw much more traffic to your titles.

WiseNotes also offers a ‘Meet the Author Live’ webinar program where readers can sign up to meet you via a ‘live’ Webcast. The ‘Meet the Author Live’ events are scheduled based upon your availability and create an intimate opportunity to connect with your audience and promote your book or service. A link to this program is also included in the ebook.

Create your WiseNotes ibook today, by clicking on the ‘Let’s Get Started” button on the right. Email us if you have questions, we are here to help you have a successful ‘run’ on your new or back listed book.

About Wiseologie

New author, seasoned veteran, or content expert we can digitally spark life into your next project making an engaging and immersive experience for your readers.
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